The project is an innitiative of the architect ADRIAN GRIGORIU inspired by the CROSS OF HEROES OF THE NATION located on the CARAIMAN Peak, the BUCEGI Massif, the CARPATI Mountains, which lights up every night from 1922 until now.

The BUCEGI massif is located in DACIA, a territory currently known (2023) as ROMANIA.

The initiative was carried out with monastic blessing at every moment, starting with the name of the project “THE SIGN OF JOY”.

The merit of the achievement goes especially to the very close collaborators respectively:

of the engineer MARIUS DAVID from Bucharest who designed and impeccably executed the molds of the casings and supports, who endured with professional stoicism and managed to adapt with great technical success the endless design and detail changes demanded by the project leader,

of the engineer GELU VASILE from the SEA Bucharest company who meticulously and conscientiously led the delicate production processes of luminous polycarbonate components to success,

of the company Blum Prod SRL from Reghin, which designed and impeccably executed the mold and packaging in which the components of the assembly are protected and shipped, 

the active and professional support of Mr. ȘTEFAN ALEXANDRU as the creator of the site who, like the other collaborators, patiently supported and intelligently integrated the requirements of the project manager.

of the production team led by Mrs. IOANA ANTAL who with exceptional artistic contribution, conscientiousness, careful craftsmanship and distinct meticulousness integrates all components into a functional unitary system,

of Mr. LUCIAN GAVRILEȚ from Henkel who professionally supported our activities to complete The Sign of Joy assembly.

Along with them, we especially bring along our appreciation to our collaborators from P.R China who very steadily completed the manufacturing and supply of electrical components promptly, professionally, at the highest quality and fully respectively Ms. CAROL ZHENG, Ms. ERPOO WANG, Ms. IVY LIU, Ms. KATE ZHANG, Ms. JANE GUO, Ms. RAINBOW HUANG and Mr. WILLIAM SHAW.

The luminated Byzantine cross with rays “SIGN OF JOY” and the accessories are handmade, assembled and sold by a very small Romanian private company VICTOR PROJECT SRL with only 5 employees.

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